Augie Miller

lead / rhythm guitar, vocals

Born August K. Miller on March 2, 1954, I hail from the Lakeside area of Muskegon, Michigan. I've been playing guitar for 35 years, 25 of which have been professional. I am currently living in Lansing, Michigan.

My influences range widely due to the fact that my interests in music include light acoustic works, the popular top 40 sound, and the heavier classic rock as well as the "oldies" style rock of the 50's and 60s.

AugieI helped form Tight Fit in 1987 along with Jane Bassett and Joe Locke. We played West Michigan area clubs and were also involved in (and won) several "battles of the bands" We also played live for three hours on the Grand Rapids rock radio station, WKLQ.

Tight Fit took a break in 1993, and shortly after that Jane Bassett and I joined a band out of Grand Rapids called Sweet Revenge, for about a year. Currently, I am a guitarist and vocalist for Replay, a classic oldies rock band with whom I've been performing for the past 9 years. Replay performs at summer festivals and events throughout Michigan. Other bands I've been involved with over the years include Echelon, Septre, Wolf Gang, Power Play, and Fallen Angel .

I've been playing guitar for most of my life. I see myself playing guitar for many more years, and I'm looking forward to performing with Tight Fit to a whole new audience.