Jay Carr

bass guitar, vocals

My name is Jay Carr. I've been playing music since I was 7 years old, when I began playing mandolin. At 8, I was playing in my parent's country western band. At 10, I started to learn the guitar, and began playing bass at 11 years old.

My influences are widely varied. Some include Gene Simmons of KISS and Billy Sheehan. (David Lee Roth, Mr. Big). Gene is a basic musician, but is such a powerful showman. I've been a KISS fan since 1974 and I've always been amazed to see them perform. Billy is one of the most talented bassists I've ever seen. He does licks that even the fastest guitarist can't play. His style is all natural and flows from him without the slightest effort.

I'm a very high spirited and energetic musician. I believe playing music, no matter what style, is a visual as well as auditory experience.

Some of the bands I played with have been Kick, Teaser, and High Risk. These were local West Michigan area bands that played in bars and local concerts. I also helped form and was the original lead guitarist for the band Steel Vengeance, a heavy metal band who cut three albums (which sold nicely in Europe). Creative differences between members saw the band break up.

I joined Tight Fit early in 1989 and played bass until 1991. After leaving Tight Fit in the Spring of 1991, I joined Civilian, a Grand Rapids based band touring the state of Michigan. In the Fall of 1992 I left Civilian in search of a local band, in order to spend more time at home with family. I joined R-Eazy, a popular local variety band, until the band broke up in 1998.

At the present time I am involved with several projects in addition to Tight Fit, including playing bass with my church's worship team, and in the Christian rock band Holy Fire.

Over the years I've played with several bands and with many people but none can compare with the chemistry, excitement and good times that comes with a "Tight Fit" experience. It's like coming home from a long vacation.