I was born in Manistee, Michigan. My given name is Michael Tabaczka, but most of my friends call me Tzer. In 1987 I started going to college in Muskegon. Except for a brief period after college and short stint working in Traverse City I have called Muskegon my home since that time.

As a youngster I used to help my father with setting up sound for various events. This formed my basis for music and sound amplification. It was a great benefit to me. I now realize it was a great benefit to him also - he always had a roadie to carry the gear!

I'd say my musical journey officially started in 7th grade when I started playing percussion with the high school band. In the course of learning different percussion instruments I began playing the bells and xylophone. Due to the layout being identical to a piano it was quite easy to learn how to play keyboards after that.

I started playing guitar early in my senior year of high school. Within six months I joined my first band "Spectre", playing keyboards and guitar. The core Tzer-earlyof this band then went on to form Mr. Sinister, another band based in Manistee. In this band I occasionally played keyboards but was primarily the lead guitarist. I've always been a quiet and shy person and for me to take on the lead guitar position was a big step. These bands helped me greatly with both my musical education and my personal confidence.

As for my personal musical favorites I tend to bounce from one genre to another depending on my mood. I listen to a fair amount of ambient/electronica, with Delerium, Conjure One, Mythos, Balligomingo, and Enigma topping that list. I even listen to the lighter side of classical and opera with the help of the lovely Sarah Brightman. What I listen to the most is progressive rock / progressive metal, groups such as Rush, Marillion, Dream Theater, Fates Warning, and Savatage.

It's an honor and a privilege to work with the members of Tight Fit. I'm looking forward to performing again and being part of a dynamic and highly energized group!