2005 News Archive


-Augie is BACK! Other than bringing a nasty case of the flu (no, not that bird thing...) with him, he has returned from China safe and sound. Tight Fit is looking forward to the coming year with Augie. "Welcome home!"


-Jane, Jimi Ray and Tzer would like to throw a quick note at you regarding another project they are involved with: The Big House Blues Band. They are looking forward to showing you another side of their musical tastes in this endevour.


-Our EP-CD of tracks from 1988-1990 can now be purchased online from Best Buy! Just click here and search for "Tight Fit":


- The Duane Kooman benefit was a success raising nearly $4,000 !

Here are some random comments that were heard after Tight Fit's set:

"You guys kick ASS" (unidentified man at the front of the stage the whole set)

"I've never heard you play before, but you guys are excellent" (unidentified man with tattoos)

"are you playing anywhere so we can come and hear you?" (unidentified girl)

"I haven't heard you guys in years, you sound better than EVER" (another unidentified girl)

"I was a little worried with the first two songs because they were pretty heavy, but then they really played a good variety. Sounded great" - paraphrased - Bar-owner's wife to Walt

That's MY MOM!!! Tight Fit ROCKS!! - Eric Deyo

"I want to play in YOUR band! (Bill Jeannot)

"The quality of your music is outstanding! I've heard about you before, but you've exceeded my expectations." - paraphrased - Duane Kooman's mom


- We've finally gotten our hands on some photos from the August 28 Docker's performance. Click here to see them: Dockers Waterfront Cafe

Once again, the short performance gave the band the opportunity to play with Augie one more time before his trip to China and also gave everyone a preview of what's coming up with Tzer on keys.


- An E.P. CD of some of our recordings is now available from an online music store! This small collection of original songs includes tracks recorded by Tight Fit during their early (1988-1990) period.

It is available through this link: High Visibility

9/19/05 -

- Tight Fit bumper stickers are here! Click here if you'd like us to send you one!

9/16/05 -

- The NEW Tight Fit Mailing List is up and running! Would you like to automatically be informed of "what's new" with Tight Fit? If so, click here to sign up!

9/13/05 -

- We've added a page listing all of the songs Tight Fit has performed during their 18 year history. Quite impressive! Click here to view it.

9/15/05 - You can now vote for your favorite songs to create a KILLER music set from our list! Follow the above link to make your suggestions.


- Happy birthday Jane!


- Tight Fit would like to thank Replay for allowing them to sit in for a few songs during their final show this year at Dockers Waterfront Cafe in Muskegon, Michigan.

It gave the band the opportunity to play with Augie one more time before his trip to China and also gave everyone a preview of what's coming up with Tzer on keys.

We will post some photos as soon as we get them in our hot little hands...


- The date for the Duane Kooman benefit has been changed to October 16, 2005. The date was moved due to a scheduling conflict at Rossi's.


- Augie has informed the band that he will be leaving for China on business for the rest of the year. This, of course, leaves a gaping hole in the Tight Fit band line-up for the rest of 2005.

Mike "Tzer" Tabaczka has agreed to do the impossible job of sitting in for Augie while he's gone. Tzer hails from the Manistee, Michigan area. He has honed his keyboard and guitar skills playing in a number of bands including Spectre and Mr. Sinister in the Manistee/Cadillac areas.

The band would like to wish Augie a rewarding trip and a safe and speedy return to Tight Fit.


- Happy birthday Jimi Ray!


- Tight Fit has agreed to perform at an upcoming benefit to raise monies to help offset medical bills for Duane Kooman. Duane has been a part of the Tight Fit family for at least 16 years and was the group's Lighting Technician Assistant during that time.

The current entertainment line up includes the following stellar bands from the area: Tight Fit, Replay and R-Eazy - with more acts to be announced!

The benefit is scheduled for Sunday, October 16 [updated from October 2] and will be held at Rossi's Nightclub in Muskegon [phone: (231) 767-7625]. As more information is gathered, we will post it here.


- Tight Fit had a great time as opening act for Rick Springfield! Photos from the concert can be seen here: PHOTOS.

The band is honored to have been chosen by the Muskegon Summer Celebration people for the event and wish to thank everyone involved in making it one of the most memorable times in our lives.


- Happy birthday Joe Locke!


- Happy birthday Jay Carr!


- Tight Fit has been asked to be the opening act for Hollywood Record's Ingram Hill and musician/actor Rick Springfield July 5th at Muskegon's Summer Celebration!!!!! (See our "Dates" section for more info.)


- Tight Fit performed at a benefit in Muskegon, MI to help raise money in the wake of the sudden death of Nick Archer, Jr. to help offset funeral costs, incurred expenses and for an educational fund for Nick Jr.'s small child, Chase.

It was the first time in 14 years that the band played before a general public audience. Tight Fit was more than happy to help out and thrilled to get back together for the event. The benefit was a success raising around $5,000.

The show sparked new interest for the band members to perform together again in light of the recent resurgence of "80's music"... Photos (click here).


- Happy birthday Augie!


- Tight Fit has set a schedule of rehearsals every Friday at 7:00 pm until the benefit gig, now set for April 24, 2004 at 2:00 pm. It will be held at the Pulaski Lodge in Muskegon, MI. If you get a chance, tune in the the WebCams on Friday to check them out!


- Tight Fit has been asked to reform for a benefit in memory of Nick Archer, Jr. The group got together February 7 (without Augie) and again on February 11 (with the full band) for two enjoyable (albeit rusty) rehearsals.

Photos from the February 11th rehearsal can be seen here: Tight Fit 2005.

Details about the fund raising benefit will be posted here as they are nailed down.